Staying ahead of the technology curve as it pertains to silicon, components, software development & applications, manufacturing equipment & processes, and IT infrastructure is crucial in the constantly changing EMS world.  ATS has a focused Technology Steering Committee exploring new technologies and trends in product development and is responsible for developing and sustaining our ATS Technology Road Map.

ATS Technologies include:
  • SMT - Package size 01005, BGA & MicroBGA, PoP, Flip Chip/CSP
  • Conformal Coating - Acrylic, Silicon, Urethane
  • Test & Inspection - SPI, Flying Probe, AOI, X-Ray, ICT, FCT, Offline / Online / JTAG Testing, IC Programming
  • Test Methods - Hi-Pot / UL Compliance, Cable Signature, Manufacturing Defect Analyzer, and Environmental / Temperature Cycling
  • Applications - MES, ERP and PLM Systems
          Aegis FactoryLogix and Agile
    • On–line work instructions
    • Full component SKU and component level traceability
    • Route enforcement
    • Live automated data collection
    • Unit genealogy reporting
    • Device history records searchable by serial number
          Infor financial, inventory and purchasing management
          Valor DFM analysis
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